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History: Started as a portrait painter in New York. Designed an exhibit for the New York World's Fair in 1939. Marie showed her patriotism by contributing her talents to the war effort. After World War II Marie moved to Miami, Florida where she made her living as a Mural Artist. Her talents spread to interior decorating of nightclubs. The lighting in the nightclubs presented Marie with a challenge; her beautiful murals could not be seen in the dim light so she began experimenting with fluorescent paints and black lights. The results were magnificent. She created a style of painting that is beautiful in daylight or complete darkness under a Black Light.

Marie moved to the Deerfield / Pompano area in the 1950's and continued to paint her black light paintings and murals.

my info:
May 27, 1907 in Englewood, New Jersey
Daughter Iris Marie Britt, Resident of Deerfield Beach 1957 to 1995
Lynn Marie Britt-Blanco, Resident of Deerfield Beach 1957-84; Great Granddaughter Tiffany Marie Blanco
Janet Marie Pavilonis, Resident of Deerfield Beach 1960-1997;
Great Grandson Kyle Britt Flynn;
Great Granddaughter Andrea Marie Flynn


Marie Mason,

Artist Extraordinaire

A local example of one of her murals can be found at Leo's Salty Sea, on Hillsboro Blvd in Deerfield Beach. A 4' X 8' painting of the Boca Raton Inlet can be found at the Boca Raton Fire Department.

While living in Deerfield, Marie was commissioned by members of the Gold Coast Shrine Club to paint the history of the Intracoastal waterway by recreating images of the old Intracoastal Bridges, The Lighthouse and The Boca Raton Hotel and Club. These six 4' x 8' oil paintings were recently donated by the Shrine to the Deerfield Beach Historical Society. A photo of her painting of the old Deerfield Bridge also appears in the book "Images of America Deerfield Beach" by Dale Allen and Rick Capone on page 20.

Marie's Granddaughters are seeking any information about the location of any of Marie's paintings or murals. Please visit our web site at www.mariemason.com or call our office at (954) 718-5022.